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In this new and ever changing world, we must become more self reliant in our financial wellbeing . It is the crucial responsibility for each and every one of us to take control of our finances at a young age. We must acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to manage day-to-day finances, make prudent investments and plan for our future needs.

We are young with a fire burning in our hearts. Many of us are eager to make money. It is inevitable and understandable that we want to grow our money through investing. But before we go into any battle, let us first get prepared for it. Putting money into something we do not comprehend is not investing, it is gambling.

There are three points that I would like to discuss here.

18 – The New Age of Majority

The Age of Majority in Singapore has been brought down to 18. This means that 18 year olds can now start a trading account. A Junior College student or Polytechnic student can now start buying investment products. Are these students ready for this responsibility? We have to start educating our youths on financial literacy much earlier in their lives.

The Rise of Generation Z

Generation Z also known as the New Media Generation are youths who have not lived to see one day on Earth without the Internet. The time they spend on the Internet is much greater and therefore can be vulnerable if they do not select their online materials carefully. They risk investing with wrong information.

The Increasing Sophistication of Financial Products

As financial institutions get more innovative, financial products will also become more sophisticated. We must therefore educate the younger generation of the risks of such products.

I look forward to walking this journey with all of you.

Melvin Tan
SIAS Youth Chapter






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