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5th Singapore Corporate Governance Week 2014

The Corporate Governance Week (CGW) 2014 in conjunction with SIAS 15th Anniversary (27 Oct – 31 Oct) turned out to be very successful with well-known international and local speakers sharing their views on the important roles of different groups in the ecosystem to enhance corporate governance through conference, roundtables, workshops and Investors' Forum attracting the participation of international experts in corporate governance.

In general, Corporate Governance refers to a set of system, principles and processes by which the company is controlled and managed. Corporate governance has always been one of SIAS' pillars and we continue to press on this issue to guard against companies' fraud. This would help improve public's confidence in these companies and consequently impact on the growth of the market.

In efforts to encourage the companies to practise good corporate governance and parade well governed companies to investors, the Investors' Choice Awards (ICA) 2014, launched in 2000, is a part of the CGW annually since its launch. Listed companies are recognized and awarded for their achievements in  good corporate governance practices, transparency, effective internal audit functions, provision of broker services and information as well as for articles by journalist that have impacted the investing community.
SIAS is proud to organize this flagship event for the 5th year to ensure corporate governance standard in Singapore.

SIAS is thankful for the support it has garnered contributing to the success of this event!
For more information on CGW & ICA 2014:

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SIAS Youth Chapter (SYC), along with other universities under the SYC wing, have been working together to create further awareness for investor education among the youth in Singapore in one common goal to achieve a more investment savvy student population.

This year, SYC has launched its very first Young Investors - “Building Good Investment Habits Early” during the Singapore Investment Week in May. The students enjoyed the session and the event has received great response as well as feedback. This session touches on importance of starting investing early and understanding CPF and its uses, basics of investing and credit management as well as ways to achieve financial freedom at an early age.

Many students have shown great interest in investing at a young age as we observe through Welcome Events for new student members of the SYC universities’ investment clubs and the activities the investment clubs hold yearly (i.e. interactive investment games, financial conference and investment workshops).

We are also happy to welcome the newly joined student members of the SYC universities’ investment clubs as an addition to our current student members!

The enthusiasm in students to acquire investment knowledge will definitely drive SYC to bring students more interesting investment events to help you make informed decisions on investments!



















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