Proposed Privatisation of Global Logistic Properties (GLP)

The proposed privatisation of GLP is set to become one of the largest delisting exercises in the region this year. In this edition of our e-newsletter, SIAS summarises the key details of the privatisation and important considerations shareholders should take note of.

BlackGold Tackles Indonesia's Growing Power Needs

kopi-C: the Company brew

BlackGold Natural Resources
SGX Code 41H
Mkt Cap S$M 101.5
% Price Change YTD 111.8%
% Price Change [1 Year] 300.0%
% Price Change [3 Years]
12M Historical High Price S$0.195
12M Historical High Date 29/03/17
12M Historical Low Price
12M Historical Low Date
P/B 5.6
% Div Yld N/A
Source: SGX StockFacts (27 September 2017)

Canadian-born and Indonesian-raised Phil Rickard straddles two worlds.

Having lived in Jakarta from age 11, and enrolled in both Indonesian and American schools, the Chief Executive Officer of SGX-listed BlackGold Natural Resources Ltd is deeply passionate about Southeast Asia's largest economy.

His extensive mining, energy and entrepreneurial experience - stemming from a variety of senior roles in Indonesian as well as multinational firms, including Norway's Norsk Hydro group - stands him in good stead as a conduit between cultures.

Nordic Group Lays Building Blocks for Growth

kopi-C: the Company brew

Nordic Group Ltd
SGX Code MR7
Mkt Cap S$M 165.1
% Price Change YTD 68.0%
% Price - Div Adj. YTD 71.3%
% Price - Div Adj. [1 Year]
% Price - Div Adj. [3 Years] 431.9%
% Price - Div Adj. [5 Years] 468.0%
Price vs. 12M High %
Price vs. 12M Low %
Div Yld 3.0%
% ROE 20.3%
P/B 2.4x
P/E 12.4x
Source: SGX StockFacts (8 August 2017)

Veteran banker Chang Yeh Hong, the Executive Chairman of Nordic Group Ltd, is an unflinching voice of prudence and objectivity.

His focus on discipline and risk management - a skill honed by nearly two decades in the financial industry - has played a pivotal role in the development of SGX-listed Nordic. The Group provides systems integration, precision engineering, scaffolding solutions, insulation and mechanical services to the oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, as well as infrastructure industries. 

China's Insatiable Appetites Boost BHG Retail REIT

kopi-C: the Company brew

Mkt Cap S$M 366
% Price Change YTD 12.2%
% Price - Div Adj. YTD 16.5%
% Price - Div Adj. [1 Year]
Price vs. 12M High %
Price vs. 12M Low %
12M High Price 0.76
12M High Date 26/08/16
12M Low Price 0.57
12M Low Date 03/11/16
Div Yld 6.8%
P/B 0.9
Source: SGX StockFacts (26 July 2017)

Chan Iz-Lynn, Chief Executive Officer of the manager of SGX-listed BHG Retail REIT, firmly believes in pursuing her dreams.

Johor-born Chan left home at the age of eight, crossing the Malaysia-Singapore border to live with different families, all because she yearned to attend a school in "Lee Kuan Yew's country".

"I grew up wanting different experiences," she said. 

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